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Top 10 Great Dane News Stories 

Beer Here: Tangerine Dream from the Great Dane

When brewers get feedback on their creations, it isn't always from paying customers. Sometimes staff favorites can find way their onto the menu. It was in-house peer pressure that had a lot to do with the recent reappearance of a special wheat beer on the taps at the Hilldale and East locations o...

31 Jul 14

Famous Brianna and Charlie the Great Dane launch Bridgetown show

THERE were an array of VIPs at the launch of the South East Clare Show in Bridgetown, which takes place on Sunday, July 27.

23 Jul 14

Cesar Millan Dog Attack: Unleashed Great Dane Attacks Man On Street During Walk With ?Dog Whisperer?

A dog attack involving a Great Dane in training with ?Dog Whisperer? Cesar Millan happened Tuesday. TMZ reports that the large dog was in a training session with other dogs in Cesar?s group ? all of them unleashed. Sources tell the entertainment website that the attack occurred near his home in S...

23 Jul 14

Great Dane Puppies Stolen, Trainer Believes They Were Lured With Hot Dogs

Two South Florida dog owners are asking for the public's help after four Great Dane puppies were stolen from a Homestead backyard.

21 Jul 14

Dancer helps disabled Great Dane walk after it helped her recover after breaking ankles

When Gemma McKee, from Paisley, Scotland, broke both her ankles her pet dog helped nurse her back to health. Now she's returned the favour.

20 Jul 14

Firefighters battle Great Dane plant fire near Statesboro

A refrigerated trailer caught fire at the Great Dane plant outside Statesboro Thursday afternoon.

03 Jul 14

Keeping Up With the Kardashians S9E10: Kendall?s great dane, Scott?s mobile office and Kris? clubbing

With last week's episode highlighting the pure ignorance of youngest Jenner Kylie, I was pretty unsurprised that this time it was the turn of 18-year-old model Kendall who showed her brattish colours. The teenager, said to be a real animal lover *raises eyebrows* flies abroad in order to complete...

02 Jul 14

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