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Top 10 Great Dane News Stories 

Navistar recalls 124 ProStars, Great Dane recalls 1,008 flatbed trailers

Great Dane is recalling more than 1,000 2013-2015 flatbed trailers for potentially faulty brackets used to store J-hook cargo restraint plates, and Navistar is recalling 124 2014 International ProStar tractors built with rear axle shafts that are too short.

07 Apr 14

Photos, video: Peterbilt, Great Dane concept truck for Walmart unveiled

Though video of Walmart?s concept truck ? the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience ? began making rounds on tech sites a few weeks ago, the company officially announced its existence in Louisville, Ky., this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

27 Mar 14

Mallards Schedule Great Dane Easter Egg Hunt for April 19th

Madison, Wis. - The Madison Mallards will host the Great Dane Easter Egg Hunt at the "Duck Pond" on April 19th. Gates for the event will open at 9:00 am, with the hunt starting at 9:30 am in the outfield grass. The free event is open to kids of all ages.

27 Mar 14

Maldon Chronicle commented The 10 stone dog: Is Great Dane Nahla the biggest dog in the...

A CHRONICLE reader from Goldhanger claims her Great Dane may well be the biggest dog in Maldon and the Dengie.Ros Peek, 42, owns canine colossus, Nahla who weighs over 10st and measures 3ft 1in from paws to withers (the point between her shoulder blades).And Mrs Peek, who is 5ft 2in is almost equ...

22 Mar 14

FORMULA ONE: McLaren have a great Dane

DREAM COME TRUE: Magnussen's podium finish in Melbourne hailed as one of greatest debuts

21 Mar 14

Scooby the Great Dane cannot get enough cuddles from baby friend

In this adorable YouTube video, uploaded on Wednesday, Scooby gently nuzzles baby Cade between periods of lying docile protectively by his side.

21 Mar 14

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