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Top 10 Great Dane News Stories 

Dog prosthetic helps Brevard County Great Dane hop around

A dog born a genetic birth defect is now about to hit the ground running on a new life. Meet a Great

19 Feb 15

A Great Dane, sure. But owners hope others think that he's the greatest

(c) 2015, The Washington Post. Smooch the Great Dane is as tall as a first-grader, likes Ritz crackers and naps in a four-poster bed.

14 Feb 15

Malnourished Great Dane found by Good Samaritan on Academy Road in Cheshire

CHESHIRE ? Vincent Duprey was driving down Academy Road Monday during the snowstorm when he spotted a Great Dane running out into the road. Although Duprey hit the brakes and tried to stop, his truck slid and struck the dog.

10 Feb 15

Little and large: Enormous Great Dane and tiny baby share a special bond

THIS cute seven-month old baby is best friends with an enormous Great Dane.

03 Feb 15

Girl's best friend! Great Dane and tiny baby strike up adorable relationship

It's an unlikely pairing, but a tiny seven-month-old baby and a huge Great Dane have become the best of friends. Little Isla's parents, Vanessa Rowe and Ben Wickens, adopted four-year-old gentle giant Harley after they endured a tough year following a miscarriage and illness.

02 Feb 15

Elsa, the Great Dane, dies of infection

APPLE VALLEY ? Elsa, the emaciated Great Dane for whom animal control officials were rallying public support, died Wednesday morning, officials said.The dog was given a blood transfusion Tuesday but succumbed to her canine parvovirus infection.Elsa was found wandering in a sparsely populated area...

29 Jan 15

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